We love our happy customers. Here is what a few of them have to say about us.....
"I looked at loyalty programs for years before making a decision. Electrum had more flexibility and services than any other program I saw. The offering is 100% turnkey and their support has been tremendous. Now that I have implemented the Electrum Loyalty Program, I can see that I definitely made the right decision."

Wes Carruthers, VP of Kenjo Markets

“We had very specific ideas when we were searching for our loyalty partner. With competition among C-store chains heating up in Savannah, our program had to make an immediate positive impact with our customer base and attract new customers at the same time. With Electrum, it did exactly that in the first month and so much more than we could have imagined. Bottom line gross margin dollars increased on inside operations by 13 percent chain wide. In our fuel forecourt, fuel sales saw a seven to eleven percent increase in gallons sold over prior year. Our discount philosophy has never been and still does not use loss leader tactics. We showcase several popular items, and tie them to our loyalty program to boost the real and perceived value given to our customers. In short, it put us back in the game and with Electrum’s support and flexibility we are positioned for continued growth in our market.”

Rick Pruden, General Manager at Chu's Market

“Electrum Corporation has helped us develop our Loyalty Program and it has been a very positive experience. We saved a ton of money and the product we ended up with is much better than anything I have compared to in the industry. They gave us exactly what we asked for which required a tremendous amount of research and development because this product really did not exist prior to this. Not only did we save money up front, we will continue to save money forever while giving our customers more rewards than our competitors. This is one organization that listens and gave us exactly what we wanted. “

Dan Durbin, President of R.L. Jordan

"We chose Electrum because our company was looking for a solution that allowed us the maximum amount of flexibility to best serve our customers."

Varish Goyal, President of Loop Stores


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