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Meeting all of the requirements of your manufacturers and suppliers in taking advantage of their digital offer promotions is complicated and expensive.   To take full advantage of manufacturer digital promotions, you need a loyalty program, but you maybe a refiner branded retailer without a store branded loyalty program or your loyalty and mobile provider cannot meet the promotion requirements..   Perkme + takes the promotion technical implementation and operation tasks off of you and your team, letting you get back to running your business. Electrum will create a promotion compliant, custom loyalty branded program for you or adds your store to the universal Perkme branded loyalty program promoting your store to millions of consumers who can receive billions in manufacturer offers.   Electrum handles enrolling you into digital promotion programs, such as Altria's DTP and Personalization + programs.   Electrum adds and decisions the promotion discounts to your program, gives you video training for your staff, creates a qualifying mobile application for your program or adds your location to the Perkme mobile app. We enroll consumers in either your program or Perkme and  decision discounts when consumers redeem digital offers through your register system.  Electrum sends in information, such as scandata, for you to receive reimbursements for offers redeemed.  Electrum will keep you competitive in a digital market place.   Contact Electrum today to learn how we can help you. 

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