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How to boost employee retention and morale using your loyalty program

Are you tired of facing the uphill battle of hiring and retaining talent in your convenience stores? According to the NACS’ State of the Industry Compensation Report, turnover rates for full-time sales associates reached 130 percent, while part-timers experienced a staggering 152 percent turnover rate last year. High turnover doesn't just drain your resources and time; it can directly impact your sales, customer satisfaction, and profitability.

Here is the good news. You can use create an employee rewards program that gamifies the ordinary day-to-day of the job and boosts morale using the same loyalty program platform Electrum provides for your customers. A win for employees. A win for you. And a win for customers!

Tiered incentives We recommend categorizing your employees into three distinct tiers for customized incentives: Tier 1: Job Tenure - Reward loyal employees based on their years of service. More rewards/points = more time employees have been there. Tier 2: Job Title - Recognize employees' contributions based on their position and reward accordingly. Tier 3: Specialized Rewards - Tailor incentives to individual preferences, or customize the program to your specifications. Employee Morale Tools Boost employee morale by offering gas discounts based on their tenure with your company. Employees who have been with you longer will enjoy greater discounts, fostering loyalty and commitment. Additionally, consider organizing monthly contests to incentivize your staff to attract the most loyalty sign-ups and reward the top performer(s), adding an extra layer of motivation to your team.

How it works An employee program can seamlessly run within Electrum’s customer facing loyalty program that is branded to reflect your unique needs. By simply sending periodic bulk files with the necessary information, Electrum takes care of rest for you. Retailers juggle a multitude of responsibilities every day; Electrum is here to reduce your workload while boosting your profits.

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