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Welcome to the future 
of c-store digital promotions 

PerkMe Plus is a groundbreaking service that bolsters profits through revolutionary digital offers and redemption method. Using advanced rule-based processing, PerkMe Plus empowers convenience stores to offer personalized, real-time promotions to loyal customers based on their purchase history, age, time of day, and more.


Retailers can rapidly increase customer retention by delivering tailored promotions through various channels, including text messages, QR codes, social media platforms, and the PerkMe Plus mobile app. PerkMe Plus simplifies the promotion and redemption process, providing valuable analytics and brand recognition for vendors who fund the promotions, and delivering increased sales, significant discounts, and hassle-free redemption for retailers.


And now, Electrum Loyalty's certification in Altria's Personalization Plus program elevates retailers to a new level of personalized marketing strategies and high reimbursements. As the digital market continues to rapidly evolve and tobacco use is transforming, access to Altria’s DTP program and Personalization+ equips retailers with the tools they need to not only survive, but thrive against big chain competitors while maximizing their revenue potential.

Customer POV:

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Tailored Just For You

PerkMePlus takes personalization to the next level. Our promotions are handpicked to match your tastes, ensuring you always have access to deals that speak to you.

Effortless Enrollment

We know your time is precious. That's why we've designed the enrollment process to be quick and hassle-free. In less than a minute, you'll be all set to embark on your savings journey!


Exclusive 21+ Offers

Looking for something more? PerkMePlus has your back! Dive into an array of exclusive offers specially crafted for our savvy users aged 21 and above. Discover promotions that truly cater to your preferences.

How it works...

Promotion methodology


Current smaller retailer problems


No branding

The PerkMe Plus solution

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Get loyalty, a mobile app and vendor funded discounts under one umbrella


No loyalty

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Frictionless redemption, real time changes to promotion


No mobile app

PerkMe flower.png

Access to Altria's P+ and scan data reimbursements


Limited marketing, pricebook management and IT, and resources to oversee 

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Enrollment data and actionable analytics  

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