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Electrum specializes in loyalty in the convenience store space. We often see c-stores get lumped in with the restaurant and hospitality market.  You need a loyalty partner who understands the unique realm of the convenience store industry and offers a single source solution for your loyalty needs.
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Learn how a California retailer increased their pump to store traffic by 12% and doubled the average ticket size using automated texts at the pump. 

In the webinar

  • how to create personalized relationships with customers

  • increase participation and enrollment in your loyalty program

  • learn how to initiate vendor sponsored promotions using customer data

Introducing our new podcast: Loyalty Beat

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Electrum is thrilled to announce the launch of Loyalty Beat, a podcast focused on what retailers need to know about the ins and outs of a successful loyalty program in the convenience store industry. Electrum's Ali King interviews c-store expert Dan Durbin, former president of Hot Spot Convenience Stores and currently Director of Logistics at R.L Jordan Oil, as he unpacks the best loyalty practices with an eye on the future of our industry. Episode 1 is available now.


Ed Craig, President and CEO of Electrum says, "We wanted to launch a resource for retailers that was completely centered on convenience store loyalty. Oftentimes, loyalty providers from the restaurant or hospitality industry treat the c-store industry as an afterthought. Electrum wants to put the sole focus on convenience loyalty and put retailers in the driver's seat for their decision making process."

What's Next for 2021.png

Before 2020, C-stores were already in the midst of a fast paced digital transformation, and that rapidity only accelerated last year. We are going to talk about remote ordering and contactless checkout, offsite engagement, omnichannel communication, new food/drink trneds, personalization + automation on site, price conscious shoppers in 2021, and common loyalty pitfalls.


With the news that a major loyalty provider is sunsetting their loyalty program for single store clients, it begs the question: how can David beat a Goliath? This webinar will explore the loyalty strategies for smaller brands, including working with refiner brand loyalty, how to increase your sales when competitors tap into your market, and so much more.  

Leveraging Loyalty in the New Normal.png

COVID has forever changed customer buying habits and DSOE. In our inaugural webinar, we will cover COVID related trends in the c-store industry, the impact loyalty has on retaining and gaining new customers during a pandemic, and finish the webinar by introducing our newest options for remote ordering and contactless checkout.

When you sign up for this webinar, you automatically receive 75% off the implementation fee for your customized loyalty program. This offer is for webinar participants only and expires on October 28th. 


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