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Know your customer. 

The direct supplier-to-consumer marketing service

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to the future of digital marketing

PerkMe enables you to promote to customers directly with digital, frictionless promotions. Through our partnership with The Coupon Bureau, PerkMe unlocks universal, digital coupons in the c-store industry for the very first time, provides powerful customer behavior analytics and a wealth of data for ongoing marketing, and increases sales in c-store promotions. 

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Join the                     Webinar 

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You will learn....


Electrum and Coupon Bureau partnership


How PerkMe streamlines promotions and digital marketing


How to use customer analytics for ongoing marketing after the initial promotion has ended


“Technology providers like Electrum are so valuable to us because of their expertise and experience in this vertical. We are looking forward to deploying our first pilot with their team later this year.”

Brandi Johnson, CEO of Coupon Bureau

Electrum and Coupon Bureau partnership

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