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One-Stop Profitability Solution for C-Store Retailers




On average, retailers see over $250 per location in enrollment, reimbursements, scan data and other data fees from manufacturer suppliers. Click below start maximizing your profits now! 


Featured on PerkMePlus App

Get customers sent directly to your store from the app. Store info includes hours of operation, dynamic fuel prices, and directions on how to get there.

Earn $4.00 for every enrolled PerkMePlus customer 21+

Yes, you heard that correctly. Earn $4.00 for every new enrolled PM+ customer and get the most out of Altria’s Personalization+ program.  

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Frictionless Redemption

No barcodes, no pulling up coupons, no extra hassle for clerk. Customer simply inputs their loyalty ID at the point-of-sale and PerkMePlus handles the rest for you. 

Reimbursements for Manufacturer Promotions redeemed at your store(s)

Get reimbursed when customers come to your store to redeem a promotion. PerkMePlus makes that process easy by reconciling your cash register and streamlining your redemption process.


Automatic Pump Texts

Automatically text customers when they are less than 100 ft away from the promoted products while they pump gas. This in-demand feature sees a 12% increase in pump-to-store customers and doubles their average ticket size with impulse companion sales purchases to go with the promotion

Data analytics portal

The portal is your gateway to valuable insights into customer demographics and habits including purchase history down to time of day, week, gender, age, associated purchases and more.


Scan Data Reporting

Comprehensive Scan Data Reporting for Altria, RJR, and ITG

More Services

  1. Proximity-Based Promotions to attract nearby customers to your store

  2. Full Reimbursements for Altria DTP and Personalization+ Promotions

  3. Strategically Placed PerkMe Tablets at Each Point of Sale - promoting Store Discounts, PerkMe Enrollments, and Seamless Redemption

  4. Scanned Redemptions Integrated with Your Point of Sale System

  5. Direct Email and Social Media Marketing Campaigns Targeting Your PerkMe-Enrolled Customers

  6. Enhanced Visibility Through Custom Store Signage

  7. Protection and Support for Your Business in Compliance with Age 21+ Regulations


Optional Add-ons

Consider optional enhancements, including a powerful BIA reporting, complete loyalty program (clubs, points, sweepstakes, and instant discounts), additional services (gift cards, ACH debit, fleet fueling, online ordering, and subscription services), and a personalized mobile app branded for your store(s), featuring PerkMePlus manufacturer promotions.

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