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Unlock the Potential: Elevate customer loyalty and your profits with PerkMePlus


Our commitment is to deliver more than just a generic rewards program; it's about crafting an personalized experience that ensures your customers keep coming back for more. As you embark on this journey, we kindly request that you thoroughly review Electrum's Master Agreement and pricing details before proceeding with your enrollment.


Important information:

  • Implementation Fee: An initial fee of $100 per location is required to commence your PerkMePlus journey. Please note that this fee represents your implementation, not your final bill of sale.


  • Full PerkMePlus Suite: The complete PerkMePlus suite encompasses a wide array of features, including cutting-edge equipment. To understand the full scope of what we offer, explore our pricing details.


Loyalty PerkMePlus Configuration


  1. Service offerings
    1. Admin portal for management, customer profie information, and report
    2. Online Training for Registration, System Installation, Clerk Promotion Acceptance and Reconciliation
    3. Manufacturer Registration Support for Enrollment Incentives
    4. Listed on the PerkMePlus Mobile App
    5. Submission of Enrollments, Customer Profile Data for Manufacturers Offering Enrollment Incentives
    6. Point of sale decisioning of manufacturer promotions
    7. Point of Sale decisioning Location Discount Promotions
    8. Submission of Transaction Data for Promotion Discount Reimbursements from Manufacturers
    9. Provide weekly Scan Data Reporting to Altria, RJR and ITG
    10. Installation Support for Optional Conexxus POS Loyalty Integration.
      1. (Note: additional fee for Verifone)
  2.  Optional Services Available for Additional Fee
    1. Online BIA Reporting on customers and product purchases (time of day, day of week, gender, age etc.)
    2. Direct email and social media promotions of your store to your enrolled customers
    3. Pump Text Message sent to customers at the pump to bring them inside the store
    4. Store signage
    5. Protection of our 21+ business
    6. Full loyalty services such as clubs, points, sweepstakes, instant discounts and more
    7. Gift card, ACH debit, fleet fueling, online ordering, and subscription services
    8. Custom mobile application including PerkMePlus manufacturer promotions
  3. Systems, Software and Signage 
    1. PerkMe Tablet (2). One at each point of sale promoting your store discounts, PerkMe enrollments and frictionless redemptions
      1. Samsung Galaxy 7A Lite; Operating System Android 11.0; Grey Silver color; Screen Size 8.7"
    2. EPPD Mini PC (1)
      1. AWOW Mini PC Windows 10 PRO, Intel 4 Cores Celeron N3350 (Max 2.4 GHz), Small Desktop PC 6GB DDR4 RAM 64GB SSD, Mini Computer Support 4K Dual HDMI, WiFi5 Bluetooth 4.2, Gigabit Ethernet, 2*USB
    3. Cables (4)
      1. Shielded Cat5e Black Copper Ethernet Cable, Snagless, 10ft
    4. Swivel Stand per Tablet (2)
      1. SOJUNER Swivel Tablet Stand, Tablet Holder for iPad with 360 Rotating Base, Aluminum Foldable Desktop Stand Holder Compatible with All Tablet Such as iPad Pro 12.9,11,10.5,9.7, Grey
    5. ​​​​​​​Signage Kit (1)
      1. ​​​​​​​(8) Hose Sliders
      2. (1) Door Sign
      3. (2) POS Signs
        1. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​All to have the PerkMe web landing page QR code


Exhibit LP2-Fees **see additional product photos

  • PerkMePlus Mobile App Listing
    • included
  • PerkMePlus P+ Implementation Fee Per Location
    • $100.00 **paid for upfront when signing up
  • PerkMePlus P+ Monthly Service Fee Per Location
    • $30.00
  • Edata Scan Data Monthly Location Fee
    • Included
  • Text Messages, Limit 1000 per Location/Month
    • $00.03 per text
  • Equipment Leave Per Location Per Month*
    • $69.00 pending credit/lease approval
  • POS Support Fee (excluding Gilbarco & NCR) $12.50 Per Location Per Month

Optional Services

  • Email/Text Marketing Campaign Set Up Per Campaign
    • $50.00
  • Marketing Emails Sendgrid Per Email, Limit 1000 Per Location Per Month
    • $00.03

PerkMePlus P+ Implementation

  • Upon checkout, you are affirming that you have thoroughly read and accepted the terms and conditions specified in Electrum’s Master Agreement.


    Please be aware that the fee processed at checkout exclusively covers the initial implementation phase. It does not encompass additional charges related to equipment or ongoing monthly fees. You acknowledge and consent to the equipment fee, which can be settled either through approval from Electrum's lease company or in full before equipment shipment.


    Furthermore, it is crucial to understand that the implementation fee is non-refundable per location, as clearly outlined in Electrum's Master Agreement.


    This checkout process signifies the initial step in the Electrum Holdings, LLC process. Following your checkout, you will receive a confirmation email containing welcome information, a link to our credit application, and an overview of what to expect next. In the forthcoming days, our dedicated Electrum team will request additional information as part of the process to activate your business with our PerkMePlus program. We look forward to doing business with you.

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