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Introducing PerkMePlus: Redefining customer engagement for convenience store retailers

[Louisville, KY] — Electrum is proud to announce PerkMePlus: a game-changing platform that revolutionizes the digital promotional process to empower retailers with a suite of innovative features that drive customer engagement and profitability.

With PerkMePlus, convenience store retailers have access to

1. Personalized, real-time promotions to customers based on their purchase history, age, etc

2. Proximity-based promotions

3. Automatic Pump Texts to PerkMePlus customers

4. Manufacturer Reimbursements

5. Frictionless Redemption

6. Data, administrative portal

Additionally, PerkMePlus seamlessly integrates with Altria's Personalization+ program. This partnership allows retailers to engage with customers as never before, providing personalized offers and content through Altria's DTP program with the highest level of reimbursements.

Edward Craig, Founder and President of Electrum Loyalty, says, "Our mission is to transform digital promotions for retailers to make them easier, more efficient, and have a wider reach. We are thrilled to bring PerkMePlus to the market and empower retailers with the tools they need to exceed customer expectations, drive profitability, and stay ahead in the rapidly evolving c-store landscape."

PerkMePlus isn't just a platform; it's a dynamic shift in how convenience store retailers connect with their customers, delivering personalized, frictionless experiences that redefine success.

About Electrum Loyalty

At Electrum Loyalty, we are dedicated to helping retailers thrive in the convenience store industry through tailored loyalty solutions. With expertise in payment processing and frictionless redemption, we streamline loyalty by offering fully integrated loyalty services all under one roof. With Electrum, retailers have access to an intuitive and varied loyalty program for their customers, multiple channels of engagement, personalized promotions, vendor funded discounts, a branded mobile app, automatic pump texts, actionable analytics, and so much more.

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