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Remote Ordering and Contactless Checkout

Now is time. Turn the solutions to the pandemic's challenges into long lasting trends...

A few years ago, remote ordering seemed like a far away goal for many convenience stores, and now because the pandemic has rapidly accelerated its rollout, even more retailers will be offering it 2021. The process for remote ordering is simple.

You pick the SKUs you want available for remote ordering on your branded mobile app that comes with our loyalty program. We recommend having only your top selling SKUs in the beginning of the process, and you can add more later once it’s been rolled out.

A loyalty customer inputs their number at the pump and then orders via the mobile app. Orders can be delivered at the pump using a tablet, enabling contactless or minimal contact service and customers receive the same discounts and points that they would receive for shopping inside the store.

It can also be used to increase enrollment. Let’s say a non-loyalty customer wants to remote order, all they have to do is input their number at the pump and they are sent a download link for the mobile app. They quickly enroll while waiting for their tank to fill up and can immediately use the mobile app for remote ordering.

Signage at the pump promotes this feature and remote ordering has the double benefit of increasing sales and enrollments for customers who would otherwise not come inside the store.

The pandemic has accelerated the digital evolution of our industry. It has challenged us all to find creative solutions. And with remote ordering and contactless checkout becoming very much part of this “new normal” …we want you to have access to forward thinking technology and services. Our offerings are customizable to your needs and as the digital landscape in the c-store industry evolves so quickly, we pride ourselves on adapting quickly to these new challenges and providing lucrative solutions for our clients.

-The Electrum Team

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