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Introducing our game-changing Signage Kit for retailers! Get the best of traditional and digital marketing with our eye-catching signage featuring dynamic QR codes personalized to EVERY loyalty customer. These innovative QR codes adapt based on customer purchases, the time of year, and retailer preferences, ensuring your signs remain relevant and engaging without the need to constantly print new promotional signage. ​Our Signage Kit includes vibrant signs and banners designed to captivate customers and introduce them to your program. With bold colors and clear, concise messaging, this signage is guaranteed to attract attention and increase customer interaction with your loyalty program through our cutting-edge PWA (progressive web apps) platform.


Why PWA?

With a PWA, you can provide a smooth, app-like experience directly in the browser. Your customers will enjoy fast loading times, real time updates, personalized offerings, and frictionless redemption - all without the need for an app store download.


Instant Accessibility 

Say goodbye to the frustration of losing customers who don’t want to download a mobile app. With our PWA, there’s no need for downloads or installations. Your customers can instantly access your loyalty program with a single click, directly from their web browsers.


For customization please contact your Electrum account manager for a quote. 

Signage Kit

    • One (1) - 24"x36" Poster
    • Two (2) - 5" round wobblers (one of each style)
    • Two (2) - 8"x8" counter signs
    • Four (4) - 23"x20" ceiling danglers (one of each design) with supplies to hang them
    • One (1) - 20"x20" Ice Box Decal
    • Sixteen (16) - 3.75"x15.5" Hose Sliders
    • One (1) - 6"x9" Static Clinger

    Please see images for designs

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