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Read all about Hot Spot's industry leading loyalty program and how Electrum's technology is unmatched.

“When a transaction request comes in, we literally build the rules on the fly to process that transaction based on the card holder and on the merchant,” Burch says. “There might be five rules associated with the card group holder and eight rules associated with the merchant. We build that on the fly, process the transaction and then break it down and wait for the next one. And that happens in nanoseconds.”


This tech-focused approach to crafting customer-facing deals allows for a program that is both rewarding for customers and profitable for retailers, Burch says: “I don’t smoke and I don’t want to get a text message for [discounts on] a pack of cigarettes. The fact that we text folks based on their buying habits creates that very special relationship with the customer.”   - Jackson Lewis

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Electrum's pump text service AND our podcast Loyalty Beat were featured in CSP magazine. Read the full article here.

"Speed-of-service and points accumulation are touchstones of loyalty programs, but contactless retailing is now a vital layer." -Steve Dwyer


"Supported by its technology, Electrum’s automated loyalty texts are set up when a loyalty customer inputs their mobile number at the pump, they are automatically send a personalized text message incentivizing them to come inside the store. Promotions might be based on the customer’s purchase history, a general loyalty promotion, or a discount only available to pump text recipients. ‘This feature has been highly advantageous for our retailers, especially during the pandemic. It increase the number of visits inside the store by 7% and doubles the average ticket size.'

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2020 Webinar Series

With so much happening in 2020, we decided it was more important than ever to show how implementing a loyalty program can grow your business quickly and stave off anything thrown its way, including a pandemic! We will continue our webinars in 2021. 

Leveraging Loyalty in the New Normal - W
Electrum- How To Compete With Big Chains

How to connect with customers off site during COVID

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Celebrating our 22 years in business!.pn

Check out Dan Durbin's interview on NACS' official podcast Convenience Matters! He talks about his innovative leadership and how choosing our loyalty program saved his business when a big competitor moved into town.

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The Cost of a Successful Loyalty Program
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