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Reinventing the Convenience Store Experience: From Loyalty Kiosks to Online Ordering

Reinventing the Convenience Store Experience: From Loyalty Kiosks to Online Ordering

In an era where immediacy, personalization, and convenience are not just sought after but expected, the nature of customer expectations in the convenience space are in constant flux. As the world around us evolves at an unprecedented pace, so too does the necessity for businesses to adapt and innovate. This holds true particularly for convenience stores, which are inherently designed to offer the maximum convenience to their customers in person while so many other industries navigate to online. However, what 'convenience' means to the consumer has dramatically evolved over the years. That's where Electrum comes in.

Founded in 1998, Electrum Corporation has always been at the vanguard of transformative solutions for the convenience store industry. From our origins as a payment processing firm, our relentless commitment to innovation quickly caught the eye of a major convenience store chain, who recognized the potential in partnering with us to develop a bespoke loyalty scheme. This marked the beginning of our journey towards revolutionizing the convenience store experience.

We at Electrum understand that 'convenience' today is about more than just the physical proximity of stores or the breadth of their product range. Modern customers are seeking a shopping experience that is efficient, personalized, and seamlessly integrated to their personal habits and desires. We strive to keep our finger on the pulse of these shifting customer demands and to evolve our offerings accordingly.

In this blog, we will delve into some of the ways Electrum is reinventing the convenience store experience - from our cutting-edge loyalty kiosks that make in-store interactions more personal and rewarding, to our online ordering systems that extend the shopping experience off-site. We'll also explore how the seamless integration of online and offline experiences is shaping the future of retail.

The Evolution of Convenience Stores

Traditionally, convenience stores are small retail businesses that offer a range of everyday items. They provide a quick and easy shopping experience for customers who need to pick up a few things without the hassle of navigating larger supermarkets. However, modern customers, particularly the younger generations, are looking for more than just basic convenience. They want a personalized and seamless shopping experience that is both efficient and enjoyable. To keep up with these shifting customer demands, convenience stores need to evolve.

The Introduction of Loyalty Kiosks

At Electrum, we understand the power of loyalty programs. They not only encourage repeat business but also provide opportunities to gather vital customer data and understand their shopping habits. One of the most significant transformations we've seen in the convenience store sector is the introduction of loyalty kiosks.

A loyalty kiosk is a self-service station in a store where customers can sign up for rewards programs, view their points balance, redeem rewards, and even get personalized product recommendations. The kiosk provides customers with a more interactive experience and allows them to have more control over their rewards and shopping journey and allows clerks to focus on moving the line.

Transition to Remote and Online Ordering

The surge in remote ordering during the pandemic accelerated the rapid digital transformation in the industry. Customers expect to be able to browse products online, place orders, and choose either to pick them up in-store or have them delivered to their doorsteps. This system works wonders for those who wish to avoid leaving their car while pumping fuel or prefer to shop from the comfort of their homes.

With online ordering, convenience stores can serve their customers better by making their shopping journey even more comfortable and flexible. It also opens up new opportunities for stores to expand their customer base beyond their immediate geographic location.

Seamless Integration of Online and Offline Experiences

At Electrum, we know the future of convenience stores lies in the seamless integration of online and offline experiences. With the advent of AI-driven personalization and EV charging stations on the rise, there's scope for enhancing the shopping experience even further.

Now customers can pump or charge their cars and instantly receive a text message with a personalized promotion that can be frictionlessly redeemed in store. By blurring the lines between physical and digital spaces, we can offer customers the best of both worlds, making shopping more convenient, personalized, and engaging.


Electrum Corporation has been at the cutting edge of transforming the convenience store industry since its inception in 1998. Starting as a payment processing firm, it quickly emerged as a powerful ally to convenience store chains with its custom-made loyalty programs. Over the past two decades, Electrum has solidified its position as an industry leader, continually enhancing its suite of services to meet the ever-evolving needs of the market.

Electrum's loyalty offerings stand as testament to their effectiveness. Renowned for their consistency in boosting profitability, achieving high enrollment and retention rates, and enabling robust customer communication channels, these programs have been a game-changer. With seamless integration into all Point of Sale (POS) systems, customization options, and ease of implementation, they have proven to be an asset for businesses seeking to improve customer engagement.

Coupled with its loyalty programs, Electrum's data analytics services have forged profitable relationships between convenience stores and their suppliers. Especially significant in the tobacco sector, this system triggers personalized deals based on individual customer purchasing habits, a strategy key to enhancing customer loyalty and retention.

To make customer interactions more seamless and personalized, Electrum has developed a user-friendly kiosk and mobile application. Not only do these platforms simplify the enrollment process, they also give businesses the flexibility to decide the data they wish to collect. The mobile app, mirroring the capabilities of the kiosk, offers automatic coupon and point redemptions, making it even easier for customers and staff.

In the B2B space, Electrum offers reliable invoicing solutions for dealing with entities such as police departments and car dealerships. The customizable ECard system offers fraud prevention measures and allows businesses to control SKUs for employee usage.

Despite a challenging period during the global pandemic, Electrum remained at the forefront of innovation, introducing an automated loyalty text program at gas pumps. The program sends personalized text messages to customers inputting their mobile numbers at the pump, offering everything from general promotions to specific, time-limited discounts based on purchase history. Notably, an internal study showed that this initiative increased average customer spending by approximately 8%.

In conclusion, Electrum Corporation remains committed to reinventing the convenience store experience, offering comprehensive, customizable loyalty and payment solutions, valuable analytics, and consistent innovations. We strive to help businesses in the c-store industry thrive in a competitive market by driving customer loyalty and profitability. Our unwavering dedication to progress and adaptation sets us apart and fuels our journey towards a future where convenience store shopping is not just convenient but also enjoyable, personalized, and continually evolving.

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