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Why Plenti Was Unsuccessful

Plenti announced the end of its loyalty program in July. Why did the American Express “Loyalty” program fail?

1. Plenti promoted loyalty to Plenti, not to the participating merchant.

2. Plenti was a discount program. Not a loyalty program.

3. To c-stores Plenti was mostly gasoline discount fulfillment for customers who made purchases at other merchant locations.

4. Plenti could not show to c-stores that it attracted new business.

5. Usage was very low. It didn’t matter to Plenti if more people made purchases at C-Store A versus C-Store Z, just as long as they were using the Plenti card when they made purchases.

6. Plenti emphasized fuel discounts. C-store loyalty cannot thrive on gas discounts alone, it must create incentives to bring customers inside the store where you make the most profit.

Electrum creates incentives for your customers to shop inside the store. You can even advertise gas discounts through CPG discounting. Our technology is easy to integrate and is customizable for your market. You can use Electrum’s loyalty offerings in conjunction with FRN and other gas distribution programs, but we will focus on your brand, your profitability, and your needs.

-The Electrum Team

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