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Easy Enrollment is Key to Loyalty

Start your loyalty program with a good first impression..

Fast and intuitive enrollment is vital for a loyalty program to thrive. Despite an ever increasing reliance on phones in daily life, Electrum's data proves that the most successful method of enrollment continues to be the in-store customer facing kiosk.

"Where are we on the kiosk tablets? He had one store do 44 enrollments yesterday. We need to have these in every store." -email from a 57 store chain

The kiosk is a touch point between the rewards program and your customers. It virtually eliminates clerk involvement, leaving them to focus on checkout and avoids additional training when turnover is high. After enrollment, the kiosk is used to market current promotions, show customers their rewards points and history, and purchase paperless coupons that automatically go towards their next purchase.

-The Electrum Team

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