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Electrum Loyalty Earns Altria's Prestigious Certification for Personalization+ Program

July 27th, 2023


[Louisville, KY] - Electrum Loyalty, a leading provider of innovative loyalty and payment processing solutions in the convenience store industry, proudly announces its certification for Altria's highly anticipated Personalization+ program. Personalization+ aims to engage specific customers, identified as Adult Tobacco Consumer 21+ (ATC21+), using their loyalty ID number to provide them personalized offers and content. This certification solidifies Electrum Loyalty's commitment to empowering retailers with lucrative partnerships through loyalty.

Electrum’s certification will bring Altria’s Personalization+ solution to Electrum’s existing PerkMe Plus program, a revolutionary manufacturer direct-to-consumer digital offer and redemption service. PM+ is designed to promote real-time, personalized offers directly to loyal customers using multiple channels, including text messages, QR codes, social media platforms, and the PerkMe Plus mobile app. PM+ streamlines the promotion and redemption process, providing lucrative analytics for vendors and delivering increased sales, deep discounts and frictionless redemption for retailers.

"We are thrilled to receive certification from Altria for Personalization+," said Edward Craig, Founder and President of Electrum. "This partnership opens up new avenues for smaller chain retailers to stay ahead in the digital era and differentiate themselves from larger competitors."

Now, with Electrum Loyalty's certification for Altria's upcoming Personalization+ program, retailers gain access to a new level of personalized marketing strategies. As the digital market continues to evolve rapidly and tobacco use is transforming, access to Altria’s DTP program and Personalization+ equips retailers with the tools they need to remain competitive against big chain competitors and maximize revenue potential.

About Electrum Loyalty:

Electrum specializes in a single source solution loyalty solution for the convenience store space and their payment processing expertise and rules based processing enables them to create customized solutions for their partners. Their flagship platform, PerkMe Plus, is revolutionizing the way retailers engage with customers, offering a seamless and frictionless experience that drives foot traffic and boosts profitability. With a commitment to innovation and customer success, Electrum Loyalty is a trusted partner for businesses seeking to thrive in the rapidly changing landscape of the c-store industry.

Media, manufacturer and partner inquiries can be directed to Ali King at

Existing clients of Electrum should email to initiate next steps.

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