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Generational Engagement with Loyalty

Keep track of shifting generational habits and how they relate to loyalty...

How do you design a loyalty program that resonates with every generation?

The results of a study conducted in early 2020 (pre pandemic) about how consumers engage with loyalty showed that...

• 82% of Gen K, 85% of Millennials, 84% of Gen X and 80% of baby boomers say a loyalty program has enhanced their experience of the brand (Rare)

• 84% of Gen K, 49% of Millennials, 85% of Gen X and 70% of Baby Boomers say a loyalty program makes them want to keep shopping with this brand (Rare)

• 80% of Gen K, 43% of Millennials, 76% of Gen X and 53% of Baby Boomers say a loyalty program increases the frequency with which they buy from that brand (Rare)

It’s also important to keep on track of generational consumer shifts and habits, and engage them through offsite and via social media. Millennials have overtaken baby boomers as the largest generation as of mid 2019, and they are projected to peak in 2033 at 74.9 million. They are also at the forefront of the growth of CBD products. Even as the pandemic has effected foot traffic, CBD consumption habits stayed strong. And looking towards the future of technology in c-stores -- GEN Z- the first generation to grow up with smart phones – has an expertise and high expectation of technology, mobile app usage and appeal that must be combined with value, and choices of a products.

Loyalty provides you actionable data combining demographic profile data with buying habits, so your offsite communication is effective, segmented, and personalized.

-The Electrum Team

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