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Loyalty Funded Rebates

By implementing Electrum’s loyalty programming, you have unique access to a highly valuable service: tobacco scan data.

For several years, tobacco companies have offered discounts to your customers if you can provide the unique ID. Recently, some major tobacco companies are giving even bigger and better discounts to c-stores that have both a loyalty program AND unique data. Electrum has been offering Tobacco Scan Data since 2017 and is providing this new loyalty funded service for retailers today. You must have this to be competitive. 

Hear what President of Electrum Ed Craig has to say about loyalty and Tobacco Scan Data:

"This is a pivotal moment in the relationship between the c-store and tobacco industries. C-stores have advantageous data that the Tobacco industry is ready to pay top dollar to utilize. Electrum's loyalty technology enables c-stores to provide that data and to set themselves up for heavy discounts for tobacco products that can then be used to attract even more loyal customers. We are excited to have this one of a kind feature as part of our loyalty programming.”

-The Electrum Team

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