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Pump Texts also increase ticket amount

In 2020, we introduced one of our new loyalty features - Automated Loyalty Texts at the Pump.

A Loyalty program, combined with text messaging, and new Conexxus pump cents per gallon discount transactions have enabled the ability to communicate directly to consumers at the pump.

At Electrum, we developed a method to converge these new technologies into an effective marketing solution that increases pump – to – store consumers. The process is simple. When a loyalty customer inputs their mobile number at the pump, they will automatically be sent a personalized text message with either

1. A general loyalty promotion

2. a specific discount only available to those pump text recipients to be redeemed within a specific time

3. personalized promotions based on the customer’s purchase history

Since our launch, this program has been very successful and in an internal study compared to a control group, not only does it bring more customers inside the store, it also increases the average ticket size for customers who come inside the store from the pump.

-The Electrum Team

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