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The Myths of Loyalty

"A loyalty program is too much extra work and not worth the the time and I hate them."

If that's your inner monologue right now, we understand your frustration. You have enough on your plate without thinking about implementing a whole loyalty program. That's where Electrum comes in. We do all the heavy lifting and implement a program we know will be successful for you, so all you have to worry about is reaping the rewards.

Our program is built from the ground up. Partnering with us means you are actually partnering with us, unlike so many other loyalty companies that outsource basic components of their infrastructure. If you tell those other companies you have a loyalty idea, they email five other companies they use to figure out if it's even possible and months later you are still waiting for an answer. If you tell Electrum you have a loyalty idea, we make it happen and we do it in house.

When you make the decision to partner with Electrum, you are choosing to walk into a meeting in the not too distant future with your board or owner and sit down and say, "I increased the bottom line by 15% in year one. I made this happen." And that's a decision worth celebrating...

-The Electrum Team

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