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Why Single Source Solution Loyalty Matters...

Let's pose a hypothetical. You are a retailer who wants to create incentives for customers to become loyal shoppers. First step, you set up a reward program where they get points every time they shop. The program is going moderately well and you want to get the word out about your program by creating a mobile app where people can enroll and keep track of their points. The loyalty program provider you use doesn't have that feature, so you go to separate vendor to build the mobile app for you. Then you need to go to a gift card vendor to be able to add that crucial element to your program. And while you are doing that, you realize that you need to find another vendor to handle your tobacco scan data reimbursements. Pretty soon, you are doing business with upwards of five separate vendors to keep their loyalty program up and running and it takes an eternity to make changes to the program or get something fixed. Then a new Altria DTP requirement comes out and the old tobacco scan vendor can't accommodate that, so now what?

This retailer is doing all the right things. They are trying to grow their business, promote their stores, and keep on top of new trends and developments, but they are frustrated and over worked trying to keep the program going. That is why a single source solution loyalty is so critical. By having everything under one umbrella, it dramatically reduces the workload for the retailer, allows the program to run smoothly with streamlined customer service, and makes additions and modifications easy.

Through Electrum, retailers looking for a comprehensive and profitable loyalty program for their c-stores have access to...

  1. Vendor funded promotional programs with big time vendors

  2. ​Tobacco Scan Reimbursements (we handle all of it for you and keep you up to date on requirements)

  3. Pump texts to drive in-store traffic

  4. Integrated mobile app

  5. Automated and data driven enrollment methods (kiosk, pos, pump, mobile app, web)

  6. Data visualization reporting

  7. Online ordering - mobile app AND web

  8. A profit producing loyalty program

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